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Buying a home on 30A

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buying a home

Buying a home on 30A? we can help you!

Buying a home on 30A is the aim of many people. You may be buying because you want to live in this amazing area or you see this as a prime investment opportunity and want a vacation home that could also bring in a large rental income.

Whatever your reason, here at Porch Life on 30A we have the experience to help and guide you.

We have the local knowledge necessary to help you chose the right area. We have the proven ability to bring about a successful purchase.

The seller’s agent does not represent your financial interests.

They work for the seller and are trying to get the seller the most money you will pay. Create a “buyer’s representation” with a realtor so you have someone on your side working to negotiate the best price for YOU.

This is why you never want to walk into an Open House without having a realtor.

By the way, this won’t cost you a nickel because it’s paid out of the seller’s commission.

For buying a home on 30A and Santa Rosa Beach, contact Steven Jackson 850-329-0492

If you are buying a home on 30a or santa rosa beach

Let us help you!

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Let us help you!

Reasons to Choose Steven to help you buy


The most precious commodity we have is time. Hiring Steven gives you that peace of mind.


Steven possesses intimate knowledge and know where to find industry buzz about the particulates of any neighborhood you fancy.


Contrary to what some people believe, real estate agents on 30a do not select prices for buyers. However, Steven will help guide you in making the right offer price based on market supply, demand and conditions. He will devise a negotiation strategy.


Steven will provide you with a list of references with whom he has worked with and provide a list of vendors who have a reputation for efficiency, competency and competitive pricing.

Client Satisfaction

His most important incentive is to make sure his clients stay happy and satisfied. That means he will periodically mail updates to keep you informed and in touch with the current market. It makes us long lasting partners, lifelong friends.

Trusted Advisor

Steven is a good agent! Not a messenger. He removes himself from the emotional aspect of the transaction because he is skilled. As a seasoned real estate agent on 30a, Steven presents your case in the best light and agrees to hold your information confidential from competing interests.

Attention to Detail

Today's purchase agreements run ten pages or more and that doesn't include addendums and disclosures dictated by local custom. You can be assured that Steven's attention to detail is impeccable and will make it easier for you to understand.

Honesty and Integrity

Many questions can pop up that were overlooked in the excitement of a closing. Tax assessments, doc stamps, and property tax assessments sometimes fall wayward during the transaction. Steven will stand by and be ready to assist post purchase.

Realizing dreams

Steven does all of this because he's in the unique position of helping buyers grasp their dreams.He lives a happy and grateful life, but for him to keep it, he must give it away. However, he does love his mission of being the best real estate agent on 30a and Santa Rosa Beach.

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